Bowls with corner motives, first photo or click here
The corner-motives are inspired by 17th century Dutch tiles. Four or six bowls together can make a diversity of patterns.

Bowl with hands, second photo or click here
This bowl is a carrier of symbols: protection, warning for danger, love, wisdom, peace, energy.

Decorated tableware, third photo or click here
Cups, bowls and plates made of off-white, casted earthenware, decorated with hand painted motives in bright colors: flowers, fruit, animals, and more.

Klaar Waar, fourth photo or click here
The porcelain series “Klaar Waar” (Clare Ware) is a half industrial product. Starting point of the design is the idea that every single peace is a part of a bigger pattern: “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”.

Twelve month vase, fifth photo or click here
The twelve month vase is a casted vase with a playful character. The form offers a lot of possibilities for the function: tulip vase, egg holder, flower bulb vase, fruit holder, candle bracket.

Party bowl, sixth photo or click here
This casted bowl can be used for serving food but also for holding small candles or flowers.

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